SDKs & Code Samples – The Cornerstones of API Developer Experience

adeel-ali Adeel Ali

Developers love SDKs  —  simply because SDKs lift heavy burden of communicating with an API, and let developers focus on the app design and business logic. On the other hand, Code Samples provide the quickest way to the first “Hello World” application. Combine both in your portal, and you’ll get developers up and running with your API within no time. A reason why the APIs with massive developer traction ensure to provide SDKs and Code Samples in every language their developers speak.
This session will elucidate how SDKs and Code Samples combine to create a phenomenal developer experience. We’ll learn how an API wrapper is different from an SDK, and how production-ready Code Samples can be created. We will cover behind the scenes of automatic SDK generation along with the pros and cons over hand-made SDKs. Finally, we will end by demonstrating an easy to maintain end-to-end developer experience pipeline, based on a machine readable description.


The 2018 Platform Summit


October 23, 2018 14:00