Public Transport APIs – How we are using and creating long-lasting API’s at Nobina

Nobina is the largest bus operator in the Nordic countries. With about 10 000 employees and 3600 vehicles we strive to simplify the every day traveling for our customers by deliver simple, friendly and priceworthy public transport services.

In this session we share experiences from consuming the API’s from, which started in 2011 as a national initiative for public transport. One of our applications that consumes these API’s is the travel planner “Res i Sthlm”. This app has over 700 000 active end users in Stockholm who rely on it and Trafiklab for their daily transport, so we’re constantly working with reliability and quality with the data we expose.

We also talk about how we contribute to European Standards for API’s in vehicles, and how we implement these standards in our vehicles/busses in traffic – in other words our IoT-units on wheels. For instance, the European initiative ITxPT and the MQTT standard.

We share some thoughts and discuss with you what data we think Nobina and other bus operators will and should publish in the future from vehicles and other public transport data.

When dealing with public transport, it’s extremely important to work with a long term mindset, since consequences for travelers can be severe if every operator and type of transport implements different solutions and designs.


The 2016 Platform Summit


October 26, 2016 10:30