Natural Language First API: To Be or Not to Be

pavel_veller Pavel Veller
EPAM Systems

Some proponents of chatbots believe that, once we conquer natural language understanding, software systems will start communicating like humans. They say that agents will speak with other agents to get things done, with no API and no data contracts required. That remains to be seen. In the meantime, I would like to take you on a journey of building an app – not a chatbot – that was designed to use natural language as its only interface and API … well, sort of. Was it easy to build? Easy to integrate with? Did it help making the app multimodal and run on web, mobile, chat, and Alexa? I’ll answer these questions, and share lessons learned from my experiment designing and building a natural language first system.


The 2018 Platform Summit


October 23, 2018 11:30