Managing an API Platform at Scale

Richard Jones
Dun & Bradstreet

With API’s in market for the nearly the last 20 years, D&B has a long history of building and maintaining in an API Ecosystem. D&B’s API Ecosystem is a true ecosystem, in every sense of the word: – not only do we sell API based products directly to our global customer base, – our APIs power our UI based products – and support a large third party partner and alliance network The challenge today is how do you innovate on a platform to to serve the needs of your new consumer use cases but also maintain your existing consumer base. Richard will share his approach, experiences and thoughts on managing an API Platform at scale using a Product Platform Management approach. This approach allows D&B to innovate and modernise our platform.


The 2017 Platform Summit


October 10, 2017 10:50


Stora Stjärnrummet (11th floor)