Life After Microservices – Shifting the Boundaries

uwe_friedrichsen Uwe Friedrichsen
codecentric AG

So, here we are: Microservices, and everything they bring with them, like Spring Cloud, Kubernetes, Docker, ELK, you name it. We learnt and worked hard to master all of it. And now, finally, we feel prepared for the next years to come.

Hmm, but what about Digitization? So what! Dissolving market boundaries? You couldn’t care less! Changing user expectations? Not your turf! And yet those and other non-IT topics may question your laboriously acquired skills very soon.

In this session we will first examine, how those non-IT topics create new forces on software engineering. Based on that we will try to understand the drivers of future IT solutions and how that is going to affect your work – including unraveling the mysteries behind hypes like cloud-native, serverless, APIs, platforms and more.

Finally, we will derive what you as a software engineer can do to sustain or even increase your market value in a shifting market, based on a well-balanced combination of new and timeless skills.

After the session, besides getting an idea how looking outside-the-box can help you making better decisions inside-the-box you will have a much better idea how to stay ahead of the curve.


The 2018 Platform Summit


October 24, 2018 11:10