Lessons Learned Building Event-driven, Real-time Web and Mobile Applications

Peter-Hughes-Push Peter Hughes
Push Technology

Businesses in every industry are using event streaming to build real-time applications and drive innovative new experiences across web & mobile. But while new tools and methodologies are maturing for within the data-centre, traditional solutions for web & mobile are struggling to keep up. Managing the distribution and operation of real-time event streams over the Internet, in a way that’s cost-efficient, secure and scalable, presents a unique set of development challenges.

When exposing event streams to hundreds of thousands (or millions) of consumers over the Internet, the assumptions made for traditional APIs no longer hold true. Developing applications with real-time data means rethinking latency, scalability, security, and delivery from the ground up. This presentation will discuss the hard lessons learned while helping companies successfully deploy real-time APIs across the Internet, including:

  • The realities of the Internet, and how to address the challenges at the transport, protocol, and application layers,
  • What caching looks like in a push-oriented world, and how it drives significant efficiencies,
  • How your data model impacts security and latency over the edge,
  • Why basic Pub/Sub is not sufficient for today’s event-driven applications.

Austin API Summit 2020


May 6, 2020 12:50


Lone Star Ballroom E