GraphQL Security Vulnerabilities in the Wild

What Scanning 2000+ Endpoints Has Told Us about Securing the GraphQL in Production

Discover exclusive research on GraphQL security vulnerabilities based on scanning 2000+ endpoints. This State of GraphQL Security 2023 report unveils crucial insights into securing GraphQL in production, offering valuable knowledge on current trends, potential risks, and effective countermeasures to protect your applications.

It comes from an exclusive and meticulously researched study conducted by Escape, a leading expert in the field. By analyzing over 2000 GraphQL endpoints, this comprehensive report unveils critical insights into the most common security risks and offers effective strategies for securing GraphQL in production environments.

This invaluable resource results from extensive research by the Escape team, providing an in-depth understanding of the security challenges developers face when implementing GraphQL applications. The talk highlights the most frequent vulnerabilities encountered in the wild, equipping developers with the knowledge to recognize, address, and prevent these issues in their projects.

In addition to identifying common security issues, the talk provides actionable recommendations and best practices for addressing these vulnerabilities.

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