Developing medical grade IoT systems (with microservices)

vlad-stirbu Vlad Stirbu

Patient Care ( is a new health solution offered by Nokia that enables remote monitoring of patients. Biomedical signals collected via smart devices are analysed in the cloud and the results are presented to medical professionals.
The session will present our methodology of developing microservices that make the Patient Care backend. We pay special attention on testing during the various phases of the development process, and ending with deployment to production, aiming at ensuring that resulting software is compliant with relevant medical software regulations and standards, such as HIPAA or FHIR ( respectively.

The methodology goes further by improving the development experience. Developers are able to run the software on their local machines in a similar fashion as in production. We use widely know open source components, and with this session we hope to inspire developers to take our ideas in other application domains.


The 2017 Platform Summit


October 10, 2017 14:20