Democratising Access to Financial Data

Historically, banks have had exclusivity on accessing and obtaining your financial information and giving advice on the products and information at hand. In a complex market where information is difficult to understand, this monopoly has resulted in low financial literacy and low transparency, and innovation in the market has suffered. Tink is granting developers across any sector access to our APIs to make full use of our aggregation and categorisation products. Through our portal, developers can experiment with their ideas using access to real production data.
By removing the barriers to access financial data, we allow companies to focus on the development of their core business, bringing their vision to life, and ultimately creating better customer experiences, 18 months prior to PSD2 is forcing banks to open their APIs.

The floodgates to banks’ data has been opened and the monopoly has been broken. Tomas will show how developers can build kick-ass products once the data has been accessed, and show easy-to-use tools that propel quick and affordable development beyond PSD2 data.


The 2018 Platform Summit


October 24, 2018 14:40