Building Serverless API Backends

Rich Jones

Are you having trouble keeping servers up and costs down? This talk will show you how to build mobile backends using new “server-less” technologies that never have any down-time, require zero maintenance, and cost orders of magnitude less money than traditional alternatives!
I’ll take you on a tour of this exciting new class of cloud technologies that use event-driven cached microservice architectures to replace bulky, fickle and expensive monolithic backends. Gone are the days of tedious VPSes, expensive PaaSes and locked-in BaaSes – save hundreds of thousands of dollars and weeks of time by going serverless!

Instead of worrying about keeping your farm of servers online, patched, and properly scaled, serverless architectures instead react into events that happen inside your cloud infrastructure, only running when needed and automatically shutting down when not. For instance, when a new video gets uploaded to your storage provider from a mobile client, your serverless application activates, runs your transformation, saves the result to a database, and sends a notification back to the client before terminating, all without any other calls being sent to the client! There’s no limitations on horizontal scalability, and best of all, you only pay for the milliseconds of compute time you use, potentially saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars!

In this talk, I’ll show you real word examples of a serverless API using AWS Lambda and API Gateway with Zappa, as well as show how we leveraged serverless technologies to build our open source mobile live video streaming SDK, Attendees will leave with a great understanding of how serverless backends work, how to avoid common serverless pitfalls, and hopefully a ton of great ideas about how to save money on servers and operational costs by going serverless with their APIs.


The 2016 Platform Summit


October 26, 2016 11:10