Automating the API Developer Experience Lifecycle

In short, we will discuss:

  • Managing your API Specs from choosing a format to merge multiple specs.
  • Auto-generating API docs, SDKs, code samples, test cases and tutorials.
  • Building a CI/CD pipeline to keep everything in sync with your API spec updates.


When talking about an automated developer experience lifecycle, it has to first be managed from the API Specification end. In an Enterprise, there is not just one person who is writing the API Specs, there are multiple API Engineers involved from multiple teams along with technical writers. We are going to talk about the concepts of overlays, where markdown content and API specification files both can be imported to generate API documentation & SDKs. The next step would then be merging different API Specs to generate one artifact.

After taking care of the API Spec part, the next part is helping 3rd party developers with the consumption of those APIs. Here we are going to auto-generate SDKs, code samples, test cases etc  in some common programming languages like Java, Python, C# and demo a use case of consuming the APIs using those SDKs. We will talk about developer experience as a whole, necessary components of it and how they can all be auto-generated.

The aforementioned steps will be performed through CI/CD on a commonly used platform (e.g., Openshift) to achieve end to end automation. We’ll demo from API spec update to automatically reflecting the changes to API docs to publishing SDKs as packages such as Nuget and gem files and/or pushing to a Git repo. This will ensure  an amazing developer experience for your internal API teamsl.

What to bring:

  • Your own laptop
  • Any public API spec

Key takeaways:

By the end of this workshop, you will know how to design your API specification flow in a way that ensures consistency and scalability for the future. You will get the complete understanding of the key components of an amazing developer experience and how you can automate the pipeline for it.

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