API as an Afterthought to API as a Product: Overhauling an API Program

Brenna Leath, SAS Institute
Brenna Leath SAS Institute

How do you fix a broken API process? Attack from the top down. First change the culture, then change the mindset, then change the APIs. Easier said than done! When your company is transforming from a development-led to a product-led life cycle, API design decisions need to originate from Product Management based on customer requirements, use cases and feedback. In this session, I’ll provide some lessons learned from overhauling a siloed, waterfall API Review Process and transforming it into a DevOps API First model where product managers, developers, and other stakeholders learn to collaborate by starting with a Design Thinking Workshop to determine API requirements. From garnering executive support to inspiring product management to slogging through a documentation overhaul, I will tell the sordid tale of our API First program journey using a program roadmap and some helpful tips and tricks.

Smarter Tech Decisions Using APIs

Smarter Tech Decisions Using APIs

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