Accidental API Developer

marjukka-pink-blazer Marjukka Niinioja
Osaango Ltd

How to transfer from legacy system and legacy company to the brave new API world? Sharing some hands on experiences from 5 year journey in API development. “Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor should an API” so how should you prepare for the technological, organizational and business change: How do you change your sales, customer service and consultants to API sales, API customer service and API consultants? To solve or not to solve an integration problem with API? When UX problems changed to (API) service design problems?

Marjukka Niinioja has been involved with developing, consulting and supporting the API of PlanMill ERP over 5 years and is working with her team to renew it. She will share her experience from the accidental conception of the API 5 years ago to the present day and discuss developing an API on top of an existing system, organization and ecosystem of customers and partners.


Nordic Tour: Helsinki


April 2, 2014 15:15


20 min