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Review of Rejoiner

We review Rejoiner, an interesting tool by Google that generates a unified GraphQL schema for gRPC microservices.

As microservices have become more prominent in the web development space over the last decade, how each microservice communicates with related microservices has become incredibly important. Read more

5 Affordable API Management Solutions for Startups

API management is the process of building, distributing, and monitoring APIs. The industry has a whole host of tools designed to help in each of these areas, but there’s a lot to be gained by using a single API management solution that tackles them all. Read more

Introduction to OpenAPI Generator

In recent years, one of the most popular development paradigms is the practice of automatic generation. The idea of being able to plug in your code or documentation files into some sort of futuristic “universal translator” to create beautiful stubs, clients, and other outputs is, in many ways, the ultimate dream of many multi-platform developers. Read more

Review of Optic

We review Optic, a tool for auto-documenting and testing APIs

There are few things as important to the API developer experience as API specifications and API documentation. Both provide a vital conduit between the API provider and developer user, expressing critical information on functional aspects of the API. Read more

How Does JSON:API Compare To REST and GraphQL?

There are nearly as many options for API tools and design styles as there are APIs themselves. The modern API industry has a variety of specifications, frameworks, paradigms, architectures, integrations, and extensions that make each API instance unique. Today, we’re going to take a look at three of those options. Read more