Thank you!

For deciding to join a Nordic APIs event

There are 3 steps that needs to be finalized in order for us to officially go live with a sponsorship. See instructions below.

Please note, that if your sponsorship includes several speakers/sessions you’ll have to fill out the forms in step 2 and 3 once per speaker/session. If you have completed any of these steps before, i.e. via email, you can simply skip that/those form(s).

Step 1.

In order to publish your Company Profile on our website we’ll need you to fill out the form below. Please note that the company logo needs to uphold these requirements:

  • High resolution
  • At least 500×500
  • Transparent background
  • The background is light, so choose a dark version of your logo


Step 2.

We’ll also need information about the person(s) you’ve chosen as speaker(s) for your company. Fill our the form below:

Speaker Form


Step 3.

After Step 2 we will also be needing a session description (at least 2 months before the event). You do not need to send this information at the same time as you complete Step 2, but the sooner the better – we add speakers to our internal schedule continuously so to get the slot you want we’ll need this info ASAP. To send in a session description, fill out the form below.

Please Observe: Nordic APIs strive to maintain a neutral approach to API best practices, so please try to keep your session as vendor neutral as possible.

Session Form



If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate contact us.

We look forward to joining up with you!