The end of polling : why and how to transform a REST API into a Data Streaming API?

Audrey Neveu

We know interactivity is the key to keep our user’s interest alive but we can’t reduce animation to UI anymore. Twitter, Waze, Slack… users are used to have real-time data in applications they love. But how can you turn your static API into a stream of data?
When talking about data streaming, we often think about WebSockets. But have you ever heard of Server-Sent Events? In this tools-in-action we will compare both technologies to understand which one you should opt for depending on your usecase and I’ll show you how we have been even further by reducing the amount of data to transfer with JSON-Patch.
And because real-time data is not only needed by web (and because it’s much more fun), I’ll show you how we can make drone dance on streamed APIs.


The 2016 Platform Summit


October 25, 2016 16:00