Described as “the glue holding the Internet together,” the API economy is an exciting new ecosystem of API providers, API-related tooling, and app developers. Top executives now look to make APIs a key component of their digital strategy.

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Is GraphQL Moving Toward Ubiquity?

In a speech at the 2016 GraphQL Summit, Lee Byron of GraphQL/ put forward a “Secret Master Plan” outlining his hopes for GraphQL, the growing API standard. In an ideal world, he said, he hoped that GraphQL adoption would lo something like this: 1–3 months – Hobbyists and personal projects 6 months – Implemented in…

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8 Ways That Plugging Into APIs Helps Business

Due to the nature of APIs, the discussion is often of a technical nature. While this is fine for the world’s engineers and data managers, the fact is that an API has just as many business benefits as it has technical benefits. for this reason, it helps to consider an API as not only a…

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Creating a Microservices Framework at CIBC: A Case Study

Financial services is on the cusp of becoming an integral part of the API Economy. Market forces — both disruptive in terms of new offerings from FinTech and regulatory in the form of anti-competitive legislation — are resulting in an increasing number of financial service providers offering APIs. The ability to iver in the API…

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The Ultimate Guide to Pricing Your API

Guest Post by RapidAPI with benchmark data on 1,800 APIs There’s big money in the API economy. Last year alone, $500 million was invested into API-driven companies. But the rise of this new economy begs some key pricing questions. How do these companies actually make money from their API? What are the best practices for…

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The OpenAPI Specification Turns 3

Big news in the world of APIs! Today, the Open API Initiative (OAI) released its 3.0.0 version of the OpenAPI Specification. In case you missed our past coverage of this evolving specification, the OpenAPI Spec (OAS) has quickly become an industry standard method to describe web APIs. The OpenAPI Specification was transmuted from Swagger, and…

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Why Do FinTechs Want To Save Screen Scraping?

The European financial services industry is on the cusp of a technological revolution. Reforms like PSD2 and the CMA initiative in the UK are forcing traditional banking institutions to enter the API Economy as active participants. Great news for the FinTech scene, one would think; at last the banking platforms are being opened up ready…

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