Described as “the glue holding the Internet together,” the API economy is an exciting new ecosystem of API providers, API-related tooling, and app developers. Top executives now look to make APIs a key component of their digital strategy.

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How Does Open Banking Apply to US Banks?

Open Banking has been on our radar for several years now, with Nordics APIs first publishing a post on PSD2 back in 2016. Since then there’s been continual coverage in the financial industry press on the promise of Open Banking, with predictions of a “revolution” as FinTechs unlock the banking market and provide the tools, do whatever you want to update

APIOps® Cycles: Open Set of Tools and Methods for Lean API Development

Building an API is like an orchestra: it takes a lot of instruments playing together and in-tune to get the right sound. If just one of those instruments is out of tune — or worse: missing completely — the end result is never quite what you had hoped for. Unfortunately, there’s no set guide on do whatever you want to update

Have APIs Ignited The Tech IPO Renaissance?

We have recently seen plenty of notable IPOs coming out of the tech space, but as TechCrunch notes, we have yet to hit the peak. Of past IPOs, () (which raised $16 billion on its opening day in 2012) and Alibaba () (which still holds, at $21.8 billion, the largest IPO of all time) do whatever you want to update

Learning From The Cambridge Analytica Incident

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you probably have read a lot about data privacy in the heads recently, specifically regarding the and Cambridge Analytica debacle. As reported by all major news outlets, the story goes that Cambridge Analytica harvested data through a quiz app that to the personal information from friends of do whatever you want to update

Is GraphQL Moving Toward Ubiquity?

In a speech at the 2016 GraphQL Summit, Lee Byron of GraphQL/ put forward a “Secret Master Plan” outlining his hopes for GraphQL, the growing API standard. In an ideal world, he said, he hoped that GraphQL adoption would lo something like this: 1–3 months – Hobbyists and personal projects 6 months – Implemented in do whatever you want to update

8 Ways That Plugging Into APIs Helps Business

Due to the nature of APIs, the discussion is often of a technical nature. While this is fine for the world’s engineers and data managers, the fact is that an API has just as many business benefits as it has technical benefits. for this reason, it helps to consider an API as not only a do whatever you want to update