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Review of Ballerina, A Programming Language For Microservices And APIs

As the API space has grown and transitioned, there have been several major sea changes in what an effective language in the industry los like. Moving away from classical server-client architecture and into the realm of serverless or other new paradigms can leave old languages feeling inadequate. Developers have to wrangle, mangle, and force language do whatever you want to update

How Granular Should You Design APIs?

One of the many things to take into account when building a great API is granularity. For experienced developers, the concept of granularity is a given, but it may be a confusing concept for programmers new to API development. In this short article, we’ll introduce you to the concept of API granularity with a do whatever you want to update

Ways to Harden New Platform Architecture

New software architecture design styles are coming out every year. They promise to offer greater flexibility, power, and freedom to compute in unique ways. Unfortunately, with this greater power comes a greater responsibility to ensure security holes are addressed. Popular architectural styles like virtual machines, serverless, microservices, and containers all come with new do whatever you want to update

Why DevOps Tooling Relies on Great API Integrations

APIs drive DevOps in every meaning of the word. With that being said, we often lo at APIs only in one light – we view them as a product rather than what they are, which is a core enabling system for the modern code infrastructure. APIs are involved in nearly every action in the DevOps do whatever you want to update

From API Craftsmanship to API Landscaping

It’s the 21st century, and APIs are only becoming prevalent. Not only are they springing up in a growing number of organizations, but they’re also being built in numbers: dozens, hundreds, and thousands. So how can you build large-scale API ecosystems with confidence, in a truly systematic way? Erik Wilde of Good API do whatever you want to update

8 Open-Source Frameworks for Building APIs in Python

Python is a highly-capable language, primed to handle the rigors of API development. Popularized by major companies and smaller development teams, Python is applauded for its user-friendss. However, Python owes much of that usability to various development platforms. We always appreciate when developer communities collaborate to build smarter tools, and luckily, a plethora of open-source do whatever you want to update