Having quality control over Identity is a core facet of properly managing access to APIs. Learn to implement strong identity control mechanisms for access management across user instances and devices.

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Simplify Identity Lifecycle Management with SCIM

In a growing world of apps, SCIM helps with the struggles of user provisioning Every app developer hopes their app goes viral. Build an app, let it loose, and watch it grow. In the consumer world, apps organically grow in popularity as people . In the enterprise world, however, IT needs tight control over who do whatever you want to update

8 Vital OAuth Flows and Powers

Daniel Lindau of Curity provides an overview of important OAuth flows and abilities The API space requires authorization in order to secure data – this is a given in the modern era. Accordingly, implementing the correct authorization system is vitally important, perhaps even important than the API it is meant to handle authorization for. do whatever you want to update

From Inception to RFC – The SCIM Story

Eight years is a long time in any business, but that’s perhaps nowhere true than the tech space. Indulge us for a moment, and let’s think back to 2010… We saw Jesse Eisenberg forever linked with Mark Zuckerberg by The Social Network. Obamacare made its controversial debut. The cutting edge iPhone 4 also appeared do whatever you want to update

Standardized User Management With SCIM

An Introduction to System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) What is SCIM? SCIM stands for “System for Cross-domain Identity Management” and is firstly a standardized way of representing users, groups, and anything related. Secondly, SCIM helps to standardize methods for acting on this data, such as creating, querying, searching, updating, and eting. In other words, do whatever you want to update

3 Common Methods of API Authentication Explained

APIs handle enormous amounts of data of a wiy varying type – accordingly, one of the chief concerns of any data provider is how specifically to secure this data. The idea that data should be secret, that it should be unchanged, and that it should be available for manipulation is key to any conversation on do whatever you want to update

Designing API Usage Guidelines For Bot Clients

In the spring of 2017, published a series of guiines for automated API users utilizing bots. These guiines were created to help control the intent, actions, and result of bots on the service. Accordingly, there was some discussion about just what these guiines did and didn’t do, and how valuable such a set of do whatever you want to update