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4 Powerful Models for Your Developer Champion Program

Champion programs are a new way to interact with your developer community, and there’s a reason that plenty of big tech companies — Microsoft, Salesforce, and Docker included — have created their own. These developer programs can easily feed into every aspect of your business, making money go further both in and out of your do whatever you want to update

Public Awareness for APIs Sucks. Here’s What We Can Do.

It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that APIs are the cornerstone of modern technology. If you’ve ever taken a computer science class, you’ll know that programming can get pretty boring when there’s nothing to link your application to. Enter the “Application Programming Interface,” or “API,” and all of a sudden you have the tools needed do whatever you want to update

Case Study: How Rakuten RapidAPI Is Globalizing The API Marketplace

API marketplaces aim to make the API discovery and integration process as intuitive as possible for end developers. Naturally, designing a seamless developer experience requires a comprehensive understanding of the target developer consumer. While presences like RapidAPI, a popular API marketplace and aggregator, are great for comparison-shopping and integrating with APIs spanning many different verticals do whatever you want to update

How To Design Frictionless APIs

When it comes to making products, successful designers realize that the end user must be the ultimate focus. The user really ought to be considered in every decision that is made. It’s so important, in fact, that the study of User Experience (UX) is a dedicated discip. Of course the importance of the user doesn’t do whatever you want to update

How Bad Developer Portals Kill APIs

“Reference docs do not constitute developer portals.” This was the crux of a talk given by Nordic APIs veteran and Pronovix CEO Kristof Van Tomme at our 2017 Platform Summit. His opinion is that developer portals should function as self-service hubs for APIs, allowing developers to access APIs without having to wait around for access keys or any additional do whatever you want to update

6 Ways to Market Your Niche API

So you’ve just finished building the perfect API: it’s well-designed and solves particular problems that everyone is having — what now? You could just tell a few colleagues about it and let word-of-mouth do the rest for you, but if you want to grow your user base fast, you’ll have to get your hands dirty do whatever you want to update

7 Items No API Documentation Can Live Without

Web APIs are highly variable things – they can be custom-built, designed around a single purpose, all-encompassing, and almost everything in between. Shifting requirements dictate what the interface is comprised of. Due to this, it’s hard to find commonalities between APIs and their user-facing portals. That being said, there are some basic requirements that, despite do whatever you want to update

Tips On Building A Developer Community

These days, developer communities come in all shapes and sizes. There are tight-knit local meetups for niche programming languages. Groups form around everything from GraphQL to Docker, and massive on communities center around platforms like Github or Stack Overflow. And occasionally, communities emerge around company-specific API platforms too; take Twilio, Shopify, or Fidor, for example. do whatever you want to update

The Evolution of the API Marketplace

People marketplaces. Off, at the winter fair or at the souk, marketplaces provide consumers with the ability to browse for the goods they like and haggle over the price. Who doesn’t a bargain? On marketplaces like price comparison websites retain this tradition, allowing consumers to find the best deals for insurance, credit cards, do whatever you want to update

Top Insights From the 2017 Platform Summit

This week Nordic APIs hosted the Platform Summit, our largest conference to date. 400+ attendees and 60+ speakers arrived to a sold out event, jam-packed with the industry’s leading experts on web APIs. Our attendees represented 26 different countries, making this our most most global event ever. With tremendous growth slated for the API economy, we encouraged our do whatever you want to update

3 Ways to Organize Your API Developer Docs

Designing and writing good API documentation can be a daunting task, but is critical for any API-driven or B2D (Business 2 Developer) company to ensure developer success. Your documentation is also your company’s marketing asset and may be the first few pages a new prospect visits to assess how difficult your integration is and how do whatever you want to update

Ultimate Guide to 30+ API Documentation Solutions

Say you have developed a web API and now want to show it to the world. Next comes documentation, and guess what — there’s a tool for that. But, in a sea of API documentation generation tools, which one is suitable to your specific environment? This comprehensive list of API documentation solutions has been curated specifically for web do whatever you want to update

eBook Released: How to Market an API

We’re happy to announce a new eBo release! We’ve assembled our best advice on API marketing, developer relations, and platform advocacy into a single volume. Grab a copy of How to Successfully Market an API for free HERE, or name your price on LeanPub. The bible for project managers, technical evangelists, or marketing aficionados in the process of promoting an API program. In do whatever you want to update

Product Hunt 101 maker hunter gold star

Utilizing Product Hunt to Launch Your API

As startups are formed, the web continues to break down into smaller independent services, increasing the amount of awesome SaaS tools available but also changing the way they are promoted. No longer are new ideas granted 15 minutes of fame — it’s 5 seconds at best. Enter Product Hunt, the Internet’s leaderboard for cool do whatever you want to update

Developer Relations: How to Offer Unparalleled Developer Outreach

APIs are necessarily a communal endeavor — the community fostered between the users, the providers, and those who depend on the API for the functions of their own services drives the development environment of the API space. Accordingly, developer outreach is absolutely essential for cultivating an API’s network of users and agents. Beyond understanding this importance, figuring out the do whatever you want to update

Creating A Brand Guide for Your API

What you let others do with your image is just as important as what you let them do with your API. Hosting a free-to-consume public API is a powerful tool for expanding your functionality and branding into entirely new networks. But many APIs lack comprehensive and digestible guiines to protect their brand. Without a developer Branding Guide do whatever you want to update

Tips to Improve the Discoverability of Your API

“Build it and they will come” is certainly not the case in the API world. Even if you have a functionally brilliant service, without the right positioning your conversion rates could still be very low. Assuming you’ve made your developer program visible to the public, how should you then promote your API? There still may do whatever you want to update

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing your API

Before we get into API marketing – Have you ever wondered how many developers exist around the globe? According to one study, it’s about 18.5 MILLION! That’s enough to fill Sweden’s capital, the destination of our 2014 annual conference, 20 times over! This workforce is transforming our landscape into one where everyday household items are do whatever you want to update

Day in the Life of an API Developer Evangelist

Evangelist, advocate, community builder, whatever you want to call it, since Guy Kawasaki of Apple popularized the concept of “technology evangelism,” the role has become a staple addition for software outreach. New startups and corporations alike now often hire evangelists — a rather nebulous breed of employee between sales, marketing, engineering, and support. Evangelists tread do whatever you want to update

API Discovery: 15 Ways to Find APIs

How do you find an API? Well, a Google search is likely your first guess, however, there are a trove of curated API marketplaces, directories, and lists for you to peruse before you make a decision. We’ve highlighted 15 different ways to find APIs, including all the major API directories, and our insights into the past and do whatever you want to update

How To Understand Your Target API Consumer

There are marketing tactics providers need to use in order to make sure their developer programs or APIs land in front of the right eyes. In order to segment API marketing correctly, and to do so in a way that is appealing and in good taste, it comes down to intimately knowing the needs of your do whatever you want to update

What Makes an API Demo Unforgettable?

This is the Age of the API (Application Programming Interface). No matter what type of software you work with, you will likely have to deal with APIs on some level. When a developer visits an API website, you will see plenty of documentation, sample code, use cases, and endorsements that make you feel one click do whatever you want to update

How to Increase Brand Awareness with APIs

3 Steps to Increasing Brand Awareness with APIs

Are APIs the most efficient channel to promote your brand? Here we show you how they can be used to increase brand exposure. You’ll learn about the three stages to this initiative – finding a problem worth solving; building an API solution worth using; growing your API consumption as efficiently as possible.

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Making a Brand Programmable
Eva Sjökvist - Absolut -  September 2013

Find out how a brand with a creative and imaginative history takes the next step with APIs and hackathons for innovation while staying true to the brand. Senior Project Manager Eva Sjökvist of Absolut shares the insights gained from hosting a hackathon as well as what they learned from implementing an API for drinks.

APIss - a Part Of the Creative Palette
Arvid Dyfverman- Deportivo - November 2013

At Deportivo, APIs have become a part of their DNA. Whether it's a large scale, global campaign or a feature app, when they discuss creative marketing solutions with their clients, APIs always make an important part of the mix.

Why does an API Platform need developer evangelists?
Tony Blank - - 21/10/2014

Marketing to developers is not an easy task. That’s why developer evangelism jobs are in high demand. In this presentation, Tony, a developer evangelist for Context.IO, will give an overview of the necessity of devangelists, their role and effectiveness, and provide a few lessons from the road. He will explain that becoming an API platform is not possible without good API evangelists.

The Power of Unexpected APIs
Ellen Sundh - Coda Collective - 22/10/2014

Data is all around us, open and closed. Ellen will showcase closed APIs that can serve a new purpose when used in a new creative way. With a strong focus on new media and hardware, Ellen will also reveal how to create APIs with sensors. The development in micro controllers and sensors have made it possible for us to measure the activity of people and actions in a new way and create new APIs on top of that.

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How to Successfully Market an API

The bible for project managers, technical evangelists, or marketing aficionados in the process of promoting an API program. In it we reveal how to plan an API-first business, how to make it discoverable, promote it to press and developer networks, establish quality developer relations, and advocate on behalf of your users to spark adoption and do whatever you want to update

The API Lifecycle

Consumed by third party products and fueled by iterative feedback and market validation, the web API product lifecycle can be complex than typical SaaS offerings. We at Nordic APIs have boiled down the common API lifecycle into four main phases, helping goal an API practitioner stabilize their API against internal and external factors, encouraging do whatever you want to update