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7 Types Of API Business Models

Much of the modern business world runs on APIs. As a result of this, APIs are now valuable assets in a business environment, causing a lot of thought for API practitioners. Chief of these concerns is the exact methodology and process of monetization. How does it work? How does an API prove its value and capture do whatever you want to update

Review of Supermodel

Perhaps one of the most important elements of any implementation leveraging data is the actual moing of the data itself. Data is only useful when it’s understood and contextualized – when it’s ultimately either d or made into information. Failing to actually mo this data in an understandable way is damaging, and can seriously hamper do whatever you want to update

What Is The Difference Between APIs and Microservices?

If you’re reading this post, chances are that you’ve heard the terms “API” and “microservice” being thrown around increasingly over the last few years. They’re both incredibly important in modern day web applications, and considering how they’re used, it’s almost as if the two terms are interchangeable — although that’s not quite the case. In do whatever you want to update

The Business Caveats of Microservices

In the API space, it’s almost ubiquitous to join the concept of the modern API with the microservice. Advice abounds, with fans claiming microservices architecture to be the best possible application of our coding ethos and our design conceptualization. Unfortunately, in some cases, adopting a microservice architecture may not be an effective business choice. Microservices do whatever you want to update

How Banks Are Becoming Uberized

You’ve probably heard the “banks are becoming tech companies” sentiment. It’s an idea that’s been around for years, and it captures what seems like an evolution in the way we consume and use everything from food to money. As consumers, we want options at our fingertips, and perhaps it’s this forcing banks across the world do whatever you want to update

How To Treat Your API as a Product

What Does “API as a Product” Mean? Though we tend to think of APIs in a very technical way, they are increasingly combined within the context of business offerings and values. Accordingly, many are recontextualizing things to treat APIs like products. An API is essentially a traditional service, ivering capability to the end user do whatever you want to update

7 Cases of Extremely Successful API Adoption

Building a business that relies heavily on APIs is a mo that has brought success to many companies. Sometimes success comes in the form of diversified revenue streams, other times it means increasing customer value within the existing ecosystem. API-driven businesses also allow for third-party innovation, which in turn boosts the success of the business. do whatever you want to update

The Reality of Disruptive Tech

Don’t let trendy terms overrule crucial business decisions We’ve all seen tech marketers use a trendy phrase to push their offerings. Some of these phrases get muddled in the push to promote and they begin to lose a bit of their impact. Likely the most pervasive example is the word disruptive. “Disruptive SaaS,” “disruptive technology,” do whatever you want to update

Data-Driven Agriculture: Using APIs in Farming

Agriculture is ultimately an ancient science that’s been iterated upon for generations. With each new crop, each new family, and each new culture, we’ve discovered about optimal farming techniques. Due to this, we generally understand agriculture from a localized perspective – we understand planting seasons, soil types, and other variables within the farming process do whatever you want to update

Tips On Monetizing APIs

APIs are capable of bringing in millions of dollars of revenue. They expand a user-base, offer a wider go-to-market strategy, add new streams of revenue, and can be responsible in increasing product stickiness and user adoption. They can also burn bridges with developers, soak up precious development resources, and if not properly secured, offer threats do whatever you want to update

Top Insights From the 2017 Platform Summit

This week Nordic APIs hosted the Platform Summit, our largest conference to date. 400+ attendees and 60+ speakers arrived to a sold out event, jam-packed with the industry’s leading experts on web APIs. Our attendees represented 26 different countries, making this our most most global event ever. With tremendous growth slated for the API economy, we encouraged our do whatever you want to update

The Ups and Downs of Creating An API Company

Matthew Broderick once quipped in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off that “life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and lo around once in awhile, you could miss it.” Sure, he wasn’t talking about API companies but he might as well have been. At our 2016 Platform Summit, Johannes Ridderstedt of 46elks spe about how much do whatever you want to update

What Qualities Make a Great API Product Owner?

The role of a web API product owner is still pretty nebulous, largely due to the fact that it’s a relatively new position. That’s interesting, because anyone keen on API business development knows just how valuable such a position is. A great API product owner can be hugely beneficial, and can leverage the product’s strengths do whatever you want to update

Why Do FinTechs Want To Save Screen Scraping?

The European financial services industry is on the cusp of a technological revolution. Reforms like PSD2 and the CMA initiative in the UK are forcing traditional banking institutions to enter the API Economy as active participants. Great news for the FinTech scene, one would think; at last the banking platforms are being opened up ready do whatever you want to update

Great APIs Are Like Lego Bricks

We’ve written plenty about different API monetization mos and monetizing your API using a freemium mo in the past, but just as important is envisioning how your API might fit into your business mo as a whole. Obviously, this is something that will differ hugely from company to company — in the case of a do whatever you want to update

The API of Me

Here’s an interesting fact: If you live in the EU your personal data is yours. You are the owner of your data, a fact enshrined in law under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). As owners of data and citizens of many economies — internet, application, information, API — we have a myriad of tools do whatever you want to update

4 Important Takeaways from the Changing API Ecosystem

If you’ve been paying attention to the API space over the last year, you won’t be surprised to hear that there has been a lot of movement amongst companies that provide API-related solutions. The most noteworthy example is Google’s $625 million acquisition of API platform provider, Apigee, in the fall of 2016. But other examples do whatever you want to update

What is an API Portal?

While most organizations have matured in developing the glue between their information and application systems via APIs, many often overlo how to iver and expose those APIs to their respective consumers. Reusability and adoption are the driving factors for a healthy ROI from an API, but they are harder to obtain than you may think. do whatever you want to update

7 Lessons Learned Building an API Startup

7 Lessons Learned Building an API Startup

The word startup is one of those trendy silicon valley terms that’s been thrown around the last few years. With it come images of warehouses lit by Apple computer screens, being grinded down by young hipster like adults as they try to sell, sell, sell. Brian Brackeen, the CEO at Kairos, los at it differently: do whatever you want to update

Tracking the Growth of the API Economy

APIs are nothing new. Salesforce and eBay first allowed access to their web APIs in the year 2000, and other organizations were tinkering with the idea of exposing endpoints even before that. The past few years, however, have seen such explosive growth that the API space is evolving rapidly than ever before. Like “big do whatever you want to update

Sectors for Exploitation with APIs

In 2015 “there’s an API for that” became an oft-repeated phrase, entering the vernacular with the same frequency as the app-based equivalent. Fueling the usage of this phrase is an increasing number of organizations taking their products to market using a SaaS-first (Software-as-a-Service) approach, exposing an Application Programming Interface or API at the core of do whatever you want to update

6 Business Benefits of Private APIs

For many businesses, there can be a great reluctance to opening data assets via APIs to external partners or to third-party developers. One way to start assessing the benefits of an API business strategy is to begin using APIs internally. Private APIs can lead to faster time-to-market for new product and service development, open up do whatever you want to update


Top 5 API Monetization Models | API Business Models

To avoid an unsuccessful venture, before API development you need to consider common steps toward API monetization and if they apply to your situation. In order to determine if something is going to be profitable you must measure it. Zazueta recommends using a simple Average Revenue Per User Mo (ARPU) to help decide how to increase revenue, whether by increasing price or attracting users.

FinTech and APIs: Making the Bank Programmable

With negative public connotation still ringing after the Global Financial Crisis, banking institutions are usually portrayed as monoliths, slow to change even amidst obsolescence and new technological advances. This won’t be for long, as the FinTech sector is becoming increasingly open and programmable. Even large U.S. banking institutions like Citigroup, BBVA Compass, Bank of America do whatever you want to update

How to Monetize Your API

You’ve spent countless hours working on your new API. You followed all the standards and best practices. You executed an API-first strategy. You listened to your app’s users and to developers. You were careful to include the features they needed. One thing you have not yet figured out though is how you will make money do whatever you want to update

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APIs for Biz Dev 2.0 - Which Business Model?
Mark Cheshire - 3scale - 2013-11-26

The real power of APIs come from the way they drive innovation in new business models. In this session, several business strategies are explained from direct pricing, through mobile platforms, to new distribution models. If you want to push the frontiers and explore how APIs can help re-imagine your business, then this talk will be your fuel.

The 5 API Platform Monetization Models
Rob Zazueta  - Intel - - 21/10/2014

The best API platforms align with and drive forward the goals of the business, but tying revenue to the API has been a challenge. When developing your API program, you need to consider how you will measure its success, not only in terms of the number of calls made or developers onboarded, but in how it moves the needle for the business as a whole. Rob will introduce the five basic models for API monetization, discuss the strategy behind each of them, explaining how they can be implemented and provide the key performance indicators you’ll need to measure your success.

The Disruptive Impact of APIs: How APIs are shifting business
Andreas Krohn - Dopter - 2013-11-26

APIs are affecting businesses in most industries - entertainment, financial, and travel are just a few. New fast moving players are using APIs to compete with old slower giants and, in doing so, they are disrupting the old world order. Let's take a look at some examples of this kind of disruption and talk about how you can be on the right side of these changes.

API platform: Building the business case to support the strategy
Andy Jones - Akana - 22/10/2014

Good API management is a key part of building a sustainable strategy for deploying APIs and enabling successful business initiatives in the areas of mobile, IoT, and partner integration. This session will discuss the key value drivers that contribute to the business case for including an API Management solution in the enterprise platform for API presentation.

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Developing the API Mindset ebook

Developing The API Mindset

This guide defines a taxonomy for API types and offers insightful business strategies for each variation: Private, Partner, and Public APIs. Most important of all is that API usage in a business assists in reorienting the business culture and mindset towards a platform mo and composable enterprise identity. This mindset is essential for stability and do whatever you want to update

The API Economy

APIs are largely responsible for some pretty astounding industry disruption. Just as important is the interlaced economy supporting these services. Tune into case studies as we explore how agile businesses are using APIs to disrupt industries and outperform competitors. We’ll track the historical progression of the space, forecast future trends, and pick apart the players do whatever you want to update