OAuth 2 & OpenID Connect Examples: Server-to-server & SPAs

Travis Spencer
Twobo Technologies

In this talk, Travis Spencer, CEO of Twobo Technologies, will show how OAuth and OpenID Connect can be integrated into various application. He will show how these protocols can be used in front-end, single-page applications (SPAs) with a few lines of JavaScript. Attendees will learn more about the protocols and message exchanges by viewing an example application. Other flows defined by the standards will also be covered, such as those used in server-to-server communication. This will make the previous presentation more tangible, and attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of the various flows and when to use which.

This session will be held at at our upcoming event:

Secure, flexible & modern APIs for Payments

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Secure, flexible & modern APIs for Payments


2017/05/10 11:25