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Business Models

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Treat your API as a product. Consider the right monetization method that improves business and leads to end profitability.

Advice on API Business Models


Tracking the Growth of the API Economy

APIs are nothing new. Salesforce and eBay first allowed access to their web APIs in the year 2000, and other organizations were tinkering with the idea of exposing endpoints even before that. The past few years, however, have seen such explosive growth that the API space is evolving more rapidly than ever before. Like “big…

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Sectors for Exploitation with APIs

In 2015 “there’s an API for that” became an oft-repeated phrase, entering the vernacular with the same frequency as the app-based equivalent. Fueling the usage of this phrase is an increasing number of organizations taking their products to market using a SaaS-first (Software-as-a-Service) approach, exposing an Application Programming Interface or API at the core of…

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Ten New Breeds of Businesses That Have Emerged out of the API Economy

Unprecedented tech revolution often spawns brand new services and companies. As technological evolution opens new possibilities for humanity, is also leads to a flood of ideas and new business ventures never before possible. Now, as hyper-specialization occurs throughout the Internet, the API economy has become a macrocosm in its own right, spawning brand new types…

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How to Grow and Profit Using a Freemium API Monetization Model

A top concern for treating your API as a product is creating a profitable business model. However, on the face of it, immediately charging people to use an API might seem like a strange thing to do, as adding a barrier to entry isn’t always desirable for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). So how do we monetize access?…

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6 Business Benefits of Private APIs

For many businesses, there can be a great reluctance to opening data assets via APIs to external partners or to third-party developers. One way to start assessing the benefits of an API business strategy is to begin using APIs internally. Private APIs can lead to faster time-to-market for new product and service development, open up…

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Top 5 API Monetization Models

To avoid an unsuccessful venture, before API development you need to consider common steps toward API monetization and if they apply to your situation. In order to determine if something is going to be profitable you must measure it. Zazueta recommends using a simple Average Revenue Per User Model (ARPU) to help decide how to increase revenue, whether by increasing price or attracting more users.

FinTech and APIs- Making the Bank Programmable-nordic-apis

FinTech and APIs: Making the Bank Programmable

With negative public connotation still ringing after the Global Financial Crisis, banking institutions are usually portrayed as monoliths, slow to change even amidst obsolescence and new technological advances. This won’t be for long, as the FinTech sector is becoming increasingly open and programmable. Even large U.S. banking institutions like Citigroup, BBVA Compass, Bank of America…

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How to Monetize Your API

You’ve spent countless hours working on your new API. You followed all the standards and best practices. You executed an API-first strategy. You listened to your app’s users and to developers. You were careful to include the features they needed. One thing you have not yet figured out though is how you will make money…

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LEGO’s API Strategy: Resourcing Developers & Building a Business Case

APIs are like LEGO building blocks, it is often said. Many API talks start off by explaining that APIs are like these bricks. They can be combined in innovative and creative ways beyond their originally intended purpose. What are APIs like for LEGO though? For those that are planning on attending our Platform Summit in…

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Sessions on API Business Models


APIs for Biz Dev 2.0 - Which Business Model?
Mark Cheshire - 3scale - 2013-11-26

The real power of APIs come from the way they drive innovation in new business models. In this session, several business strategies are explained from direct pricing, through mobile platforms, to new distribution models. If you want to push the frontiers and explore how APIs can help re-imagine your business, then this talk will be your fuel.

The 5 API Platform Monetization Models
Rob Zazueta  - Intel - - 21/10/2014

The best API platforms align with and drive forward the goals of the business, but tying revenue to the API has been a challenge. When developing your API program, you need to consider how you will measure its success, not only in terms of the number of calls made or developers onboarded, but in how it moves the needle for the business as a whole. Rob will introduce the five basic models for API monetization, discuss the strategy behind each of them, explaining how they can be implemented and provide the key performance indicators you’ll need to measure your success.

The Disruptive Impact of APIs: How APIs are shifting business
Andreas Krohn - Dopter - 2013-11-26

APIs are affecting businesses in most industries - entertainment, financial, and travel are just a few. New fast moving players are using APIs to compete with old slower giants and, in doing so, they are disrupting the old world order. Let's take a look at some examples of this kind of disruption and talk about how you can be on the right side of these changes.

API platform: Building the business case to support the strategy
Andy Jones - Akana - 22/10/2014

Good API management is a key part of building a sustainable strategy for deploying APIs and enabling successful business initiatives in the areas of mobile, IoT, and partner integration. This session will discuss the key value drivers that contribute to the business case for including an API Management solution in the enterprise platform for API presentation.

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Ebooks on API Business Models

Developing the API Mindset ebook

Developing The API Mindset

This guide defines a taxonomy for API types and offers insightful business strategies for each variation: Private, Partner, and Public APIs. Most important of all is that API usage in a business assists in reorienting the business culture and mindset towards a platform model and composable enterprise identity. This mindset is essential for stability and…

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The API Economy

APIs are largely responsible for some pretty astounding industry disruption. Just as important is the interlaced economy supporting these services. Tune into case studies as we explore how agile businesses are using APIs to disrupt industries and outperform competitors. We’ll track the historical progression of the space, forecast future trends, and pick apart the players…

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